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Prevention and Natural Options

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The following information outlines the risks of certain types of travel and the diseases that one may come across and is taken from one of the chapters in the book. Not all forms of travel incur the same risks and so the degree of prevention used should reflect the risks of travel. It also looks at the various conventional prevention options, and what natural prevention methods than can also be used. The following diseases are discussed in this chapter:
Cholera; Diphtheria; Hepatitis A; Hepatitis B and C; Influenza; Japanese Encephalitis; Lyme Disease (and other tick bites); Malaria; Meningitis; Polio; Rabies; Tetanus; Typhoid; Yellow Fever.

There are other diseases, especially found in tropical countries that one has to be aware of where no conventional prevention through vaccine is offered e.g. dengue fever, another mosquito spread disease. Some of the diseases above are fairly common e.g. Hepatitis A, Lyme disease, Malaria and Typhoid while others are generally very rarely seen and for most travelers, there is little risk. Please read the following information to gain useful background knowledge on these diseases and then confirm with other sources before taking any decisions on which, if any, prevention methods can be used. Do consult with medical and health experts as necessary to ensure you are confident of the decisions being made and that you can weigh the risks and benefits of prevention methods. 

Homeopathy and other forms of natural medicine can offer specific medicines that can act as prevention against certain diseases. These can take the form of remedies that would also be used to treat the same conditions and can be taken beforehand to help limit or prevent an illness if the risk is perceived to justify it. There are also specific herbal and other natural products that support the immune system or particular organ. There are also important nutritional supplements that can assist in the prevention and treatment of certain conditions. Stimulating and supporting the innate immune system of a person is an essential role of all natural medicines and nutritional supplements and especially since the era of Covid-19 and possibly other flu episodes, it is more important than ever to establish a healthy body and mind.

Having a robust immune system is the best way to avoid most illness or at least to avoid becoming seriously sick, so doing what one can to establish optimal health is important. Natural medicines work by stimulating the body┬┤s own immunity, so in the process of combating illness it is stimulating the capacity of the body for self-healing. Also, once one has experienced an illness, a natural immunity to that illness can often be confered, at least for a while. Another way is to take precautions to avoid the various bacteria, viruses and parasites which may pose a threat to an unfamiliar immune system. The decision as to what type of prevention to use depends on a number of factors, including the risks involved and the confidence a person may have in looking at all the options. Decisions can be made based on the destination countries, the length of time in said countries and the overall risk involved. The discussion below seeks to give a perspective on particular risks  that are faced when traveling so that an individualized choice may be made. The categories listed are somewhat arbitrary but give an idea of the risk levels involved.

Please CLICK HERE to view or download the pdf of this chapter