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Books on Travel and Homeopathy

Travel Books

The World Traveller’s Manual of Homeopathy – Dr. Colin Lessell.
An excellent resource with homeopathic suggestions and overview of many conditions facing travelers.

The Tropical Traveller, The Essential Guide to Travel in Hot Countries – John Hatt.
A hugely informative book on most of the things a person could come across when traveling. Focusing on tropical travel, it also covers many practical and also unusual circumstances in which travelers may find themselves.

Where There is No Doctor – David Werner.
The essential emergency medical guide for anybody out there without medical backup. For anybody working in any capacity in developing countries, this book is a wealth of information. (Available as a PDF and in book form from the Hesparian Foundation.

How to Shit Around The World – The Art of Staying Clean and Healthy While Traveling – Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth.
The book to prepare any traveler what to expect when faced with dealing with this essential human function in unusual circumstances.·        

Homeopathy books    

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines - Dana Ullman and Stephen Cummings.
An excellent overview of homeopathy and how it can be used on a daily basis by one and all.·      

Impossible Cure, The Promise of Homeopathy - Amy Lansky.
One of the most comprehensive introductions to the history and philosophy of homeopathy.·      

The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza,  Surviving Epidemics and Pandemics, Past, Present and Future with Homeopathy - Sandra J. Perko, PhD.
A fascinating exploration of the 1918 influenza epidemic and how homeopathy worked to treat the disease, with comments on its ability to treat similar epidemics now and in the future.·      

The Organon of the Healing Art – Samuel Hahnemann – Edited by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly.
The best modern interpretation of Samuel Hahnemann’s (the founder of homeopathy) seminal contribution to medical thought.

Prevention and Prophylaxis

The Vaccine Guide,  Making an informed choice - Randall Neustaedter.
One of the most comprehensive guides to all vaccines.·      

Vaccines, Are They Really Safe and Effective - Neil Z. Miller.
A concise yet thorough analysis of the effects of vaccines, with full documentation of all his sources.·      

A History of the Flu - Randall Neustaedter.
An excellent historical summary of the ‘flu and its effects.·      

A Handbook of Homeopathic Alternatives to Immunization - Susan Curtis.
A homeopathic perspective on what homeopathy offers along with conventional immunizations.·      

The No Nonsense Travel Vaccine Handbook, A practical Guide for Travelers - Liz Bevan-Jones and Yvonne Stone.
A detailed and practical guide on vaccines and their effects for travelers.·      

Vaccines: A Reappraisal - Dr Richard Moskowitz - A modern and balanced analysis of the risks and benefits of vaccines.

National Vaccine Information Center -
National organization in the United States that has a lot of information on all vaccine issues.

Other Books   

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally - Wolf Storl.